Agfa Anapurna M Conveyor Belt - D2+7321099-0006

Agfa Anapurna M Conveyor Belt - D2+7321099-0006
Ref. D2+250028 - DP part: PBEAG002

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This conveyor belt is suitable for Agfa Anapurna M / Dilli Titan printers. This is the original Agfa part (number D2+7321099-0006). The size of the belt is 1.585m width by 1.92m length. It weights 16kg.

This printer belt combines the newest polymer technology with the unique features of linked spiral design. The innovative spiral construction produces a smooth, clean running fabric with high dimensional stability. In addition, contaminant resistance additives are extruded within the polymer of the monofilament yarn. The all-monofilament construction gives excellent rugged durability, stability, and accurate permeability.

This printer belt is designed for easy installation limiting down-time and the need for special technical assistance. This belt can be put together in minutes eliminating the need to disassemble machinery and saving time. Installation instructions are provided and additional support is available. Note that the table needs to be realigned after installing the belt and this might require an engineer intervention.

This belt fits Agfa Anapurna Mw and Mv version 1.0. Version 4.0 models of Anapurna Mw and Mv use a longer conveyor belt (part number PBEAG003).

This product includes the appropriate lancing kit, which consisting of the pintel to zip the two open ends op the belt together and the wire to guide the pintel.

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