Vutek GS 508 Series 12pl Printheads

This GS-508 (12 picoliters) print head is suitable for Vutek GS printers. This is the original Vutek print head. This product carries a manufacturer warranty.

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Vutek GS 508

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Manufacturer: Vutek
Printer compatibility: Vutek GS2000 / GS3200 / GS5000
DP part number : PPHSE5082

Full set of VUTEK GS compatible 12 picoliter print heads

GS3200 / GS3200 Pro / GS3250 / GS3250 Pro / GS3250LX / GS3250LX Pro / GS3250r / GS5000r / QS2 Pro / QS3 Pro
This Vutek 12 Picoliter Print Head is suitable for VUTEk GS-series printers. This printhead includes the heating element and the smoothing electronic board. This is the original VUTEk part (number replacing numbers 45083572 / 45093679 / 45095093 / 45093679). This is the latest upgraded head that comes with the connector.

Technical Specifications
- Drop size: 12pl
- Grey Scale levels: 7
- Nozzles: 508 nozzles
- Firing Frequency: 18 kHz
- Active Print Width: 72 mm
- Damper: integrated, quick dry break connector